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What have you done during the pandemic that you hadn't done before?

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Work in the bathroom 🚽

Rode a Revel moped.

I never threw a kayak into the water of the Gulf.

We just moved into a new house less than a month before quarantine; at the end of the street is an inlet that feeds into a bay off of the Gulf of Mexico. As soon as we knew we were quarantined, I ordered inflatable kayaks from Amazon, the least expensive ones with the fastest shipping. When they arrived, we inflated them in our living rooms to check for leaks—it was really easy.

Soon, we put them, still inflated, in the back of the car and plopped them into the water. My wife, son, and I paddled a good ways for our first venture into the bay, up past the bridge on the north end of the bay, and spent some time floating in the water. My son had packed a lunch for us to take, but eating in the kayak was kind of difficult.

We had a great time, and on the way back to the inlet, we watched a dolphin arc to the surface and followed its trajectory through the bay. It was a great experience for us — we counted it as gym class for our son and a great bit of family time.

Does this count?

An ultrasound scan of a small embryo

Other than not leave my house for long periods of time I also am using Duolingo to re-learn Spanish.