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What's the hardest decision you've had to make?

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Quitting my job as an office and communications manager at a small nonprofit.

We had gone remote and I was struggling a bit. (You know…because of a PANDEMIC.)  I’d been there almost 9 months and tended to forget steps or read too quickly. (And this was before the pandemic.)

But even though those mistakes were few, my boss disciplined me via Zoom and expected “near 99% accuracy” or no more than 2 mistakes per month. Or I’d be fired. And by mistake, this could mean something as serious as asking the same question more than once or (the camel back’s straw) forgetting to remove a job listing before a publication went to print.

Yes, they sound ridiculous written down. I should have never taken the job or quit earlier. But I learned a ton and I met a lot of good people.

To not join the protests in person, due to being afraid of covid.

I found other ways to be supportive of the protestors, the protests, and the movement, but it has been hard to stay away from the front lines.

I feel quite privileged that that is honestly the hardest decision i’ve had to make. I know many people who’ve had to make much more life-changing, trauma-inducing decisions during the last eight months. I have tried to support those folks as best i can.

I had to make the decision not to return to my job at a school due to my underlying health condition of CFS/M.E. I felt the risk of getting the virus was too great.

To leave my husband without knowing when we will meet again.

No big decisions have been made during the pandemic 😉

Whether to opt in for hybrid or fully remote learning for my daughter, who is a senior in high school.