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How to submit work to Isolated

Isolated is a collection of personal responses to life in 2020. Our goal is to compile an online and printed record of this year and how we lived through it.

If you would like to be a part of Isolated, you can complete our ten daily challenges or submit your own work by emailing it to us or by submitting it to our community, and by telling us how you would like to be credited. We will publish a diverse selection of submissions that comply with our rules.

You can submit anything that you’ve created yourself since COVID-19 arrived in your life. And the copyright stays yours. By participating, all you give us is a non-exclusive license to use what you send us in any Isolated publication – our website, newsletter, social media, print – as long as we credit you. You can learn more about what this means in our rules.

To learn more about the Isolated project, go here.