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What do you miss most from before the pandemic?

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I miss most the ability to make quick trips to the store for necessary items. It’s a good thing, In some ways, that every purchase and every trip is meticulously planned—I have designated days on which I shop for the family, and forgetting an item means not having it for a couple more weeks. It creates a challenge for certain items, like milk, that are more difficult to buy ahead and store. But this has also taught my family a great deal of resilience. As well, I miss being able to go to the park as a family—we still get out and about, distant from others, by ourselves in a field or along the sidewalk. But not having to be so aware of every move, to be able to relax, that is what I miss.

There are so many people and experiences that I miss to the point where my heart aches, but I can imagine a return those things in time. I can picture small celebrations with people I care about, or finding a way to eat at a restaurant safely within the coming months.

But the one thing I have a hard time envisioning is how the live music I love will come back. And I miss that the most because it seems unattainable right now.

You will always find me in the pit at a show, and a mosh pit requires physical trust in people you don’t know. It involves full body contact, being covered in other people’s sweat, holding complete strangers above your head and letting them pull you off the floor. And, at least with the shows I go to, there’s an overwhelming emotional connection of shared experience between every person there. It makes me feel so alive.

I have no idea when this will come back. Or what form it will take when it does. But in the meantime, here’s a photo of me and my family at a Flogging Molly show in 2018. I can’t wait to get back out there and dance again.

Two men and one woman standing in front of an empty outdoor stage at a music venue

A bowl of udon noodles and a pair of chopsticks

Going to Raku, in the East Village, to have udon noodles! 

I miss being able to travel and see and hug and spend time with my chosen family the most. I also miss playing pool in a pool hall.

This trash app ❤️

The icon for the Tinder app

I miss the excitement of heading into central London to see my friends.

I’ve lived in or near London for about 13 years and still feel a huge rush of excitement and joy, looking at the architecture and realising what I made for myself by coming here. I live and work from home just outside Central London now, and haven’t been into town since March.

There are a lot of friends I haven’t seen either, as I am still afraid to travel on public transport. 💔

I miss going out to eat — sitting across from someone, taking my time, trying something new or something I know I love, taking a few minutes away from everything else. 

I miss visiting my very large family more than anything else. There is just so many of us and sadly there are different levels of pandemic caution, so I just don’t think it’s safe.

I miss the ease of visiting and hugging loved ones. There is an exhausting dance, trying to figure out what COVID-19 precautions everyone is taking seriously.