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Write a message to your pre-pandemic self

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Trust me, girl. You won’t eat THAT much pasta. ūüõí

Dear Williesha:

You are about¬†to¬†face the most difficult challenge you’ve ever faced in the last 20 years. It will be new¬†to¬†you and you’ll want¬†to¬†succomb¬†to¬†the darkness, the anxiety hibernate.

Don’t fall for that trap! Commit¬†to¬†at least step outside every day for fresh air. You don’t have¬†to¬†go anywhere but you need¬†to¬†connect with the sun and all of nature. You need¬†to¬†take time¬†to¬†feel human. This situation will be completely out of¬†your¬†control, so grab hold of the things around you

Speaking of feeling human, you may want to go ahead and quit your job, clean off the table in the bedroom, get the cars serviced, learn to grow and cook your own food, get any doctor appointments out of the way and get your hair straightened. Pretty much everything that requires human contact or being in any public space. It would save you a lot of trouble in the future.

You don’t have¬†to¬†be around humans¬†to¬†feel human.



Dear pre-pandemic Tana:

America will shake in the next few months. But hopefully some good will come out of it. 

Most of the world will be in quarantine due to a global pandemic. It will be painful for many. For those of us who will be lucky to overcome it without losing our loved ones or our jobs, it will just require a change of routine.

PS: You better buy an indoor bike.

Dear Ginny,

Work is going to become even more all-consuming, so get your monitor and chair for work and upgrade your desk pronto. These little changes will make all the difference.

Light candles, make lunch (instead of just reheating something) from time to time. Embrace those WFH perks.

Turns out pandemics are so draining, but you’ve got this!

Love, Ginny

Oh Jeanne, you are such a stupid girl!

Couldn’t you imagine that it would take five months not to see your husband when you flew back to Germany for your cancer check-up?
You could have known that Mr. Trump would not let the Europeans in for a long time.

Dear me,

Relax some…take it as seriously as you did, but to know that you can keep yourself relatively safe.

You will not run out of toilet paper if you get just a little extra; maybe buy some shelf-stable milk for those times in between grocery trips where the gallon you bought last is starting to turn.

You‚Äôll make the most of this ‚ÄĒ you will (re) connect with family in a way that you never had before, and it will be glorious.

You will wish your son could play with his friends, throw the football and tackle, run around without a care. You will do a great job of not bringing the full horror of COVID to his world. He will know it is serious, and he will know how and why we are taking precautions, but you will temper it with calming advice and rational discussions that the precautions will keep us all safe.

Know that you will do a fine job, and that your mistakes will be glorious as well. But most of all, turn off news feed, facebook, and text if necessary.

You will not change the minds of the indoctrinated… your school will grudgingly close, because it must. Know that your leaders will not protect you, so you will make the decision as a family, will read more biology lab reports and more medical research than you ever thought you would read.

Perhaps the two most important pieces of advice I can give: stay safe and be kind.  

– Jeff

Dear Sin,

When you are in NYC in February, you should go see Eddie in hospice. It will be the last time you are able to.

Love, Sin